Wine Studies: Identifying Environmental Hotspots in Chile



Study No3 – Chile: This study, the third in the series on the global wine industry, examines the economic and environmental outlook of the Chilean wine industry. This follows an extensive  amfori campaign of activities in Chile – engagement, partnerships and capacity building – throughout the country over the past 12 months. Similarly, this wine factsheet showcases amfori's expertise in the South American region, alongside the Argentine Wine Industry Factsheet, published in November 2019. 

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In late 2018, amfori was proud to found its first representation in Latin America, led by Jimena Sánchez. Chilean wine producers are committed to sustainable solutions in viticulture.

Over the course of December 2019, amfori President Christian Ewert and Jimena Sanchez built strong relationships with key stakeholders in the country. These included meetings with organisations such as Wines of Chile, CAMCHAL (Chilean-German Chamber of Commerce) and Acciόn Empresas. The tour also included a range of visits to wineries implementing amfori BSCI, such as Viña San Pedro de Tarapaca.

The result of these collaborations underlined that a wide variety of stakeholders are working towards the same aims, such as Women Empowerment. Uniting our efforts in these fields will lead to further success.

Please Note: At the time of publishing, Chile has endured a period of significant civil unrest. While this has not directly affected the wine industry, amfori looks forward to and supports the resolution of this instability through dialogue between all parties.


Christian Ewert & Jimena Sanchez visit wineries in Chile

Viña San Pedro de Tarapaca

Christian Ewert & Jimena Sanchez visit wineries in Chile

 Viña San Pedro de Tarapaca


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