"WTO and the global trading system face a make or break situation"


In a joint statement initiated and published by the Foreign Trade Association (FTA), 14 business organisations from four continents and representing more than 60 countries urge WTO Member States to immediately unblock and ratify the long-awaited Agreement on Trade Facilitation.

The business sector considers this agreement decisive for both simplifying customs procedures worldwide and overcoming the current impasse of the multilateral trade system. Failure of the Trade Facilitation Agreement would have dramatic consequences for the WTO and international commerce. 

“This joint statement is a final call to save the agreement from a perpetual impasse. If a solution is not reached in the upcoming meetings, the consequences would be too dramatic for the global trading system and the existence of the WTO”, underscored Jan Eggert, FTA Director General.

To read the complete Joint Statement, click here.

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