Zero Tolerance Success Story: Addressing Child Labour


Addressing child labour in the supply chain in a responsible way is complex, especially in locations where child labour may be common. It can be detected and addressed through due diligence, company recruitment and regular dialogue with workers and other key stakeholders.

At the same time, not all child work represents child labour issue. Our third story raises awareness on how such cases can be identified through BSCI system and ILO Convention exceptions in regard to least developed country specifics and light work definition.

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About this series

In March, we launched a series featuring a selection of cases, each with a different background and lessons learned. Through this storytelling, we would like to increase the transparency of the Zero Tolerance Protocol handling procedure and help you build a better understanding and knowledge on remediation approaches with some of real-life examples:

Now you can also test how diligent you and your company are when reacting to zero tolerance alerts. Play our ‘due diligence’ game available on the FTA Academy.

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Contact: Veronica Rubio, Senior Manager Strategic Programmes


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