BSCI System Manual Part V: Annexes

These annexes provide further information on some of the key aspects touched upon in the System Manual:
How to Start with the BSCI Platform

  • BSCI Classification of Sectors, Industries and Product Groups
  • How to Set Up a Social Management System
  • How to Set Up a Grievance Mechanism
  • BSCI Zero Tolerance Protocol
  • Most Relevant Documents for the BSCI Audit
  • BSCI Code of Conduct 2014 Poster version
  • How Business Enterprises are Involved in BSCI
  • The BSCI Commitment Formula version 2010

These annexes are additional tools to support BSCI Participants in assessing their supply chains:

  • BSCI Buyers Checklist
  • Quick Assessment of Social Audits from Other Systems
  • BSCI Code of Conduct 1/2014 full version


Tuesday, November 11, 2014
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