Economic Times, Hong Kong: interview with amfori DG Christian Ewert


  • Mr. Ewert believes the relationship between China and the world is getting closer under the influence of Belt and Road Initiative. 

  • A more transparent economic environment has to be further created by China, in order to attract more foreign investors.

  • The coverage has briefly introduced the background of amfori, which has around 2,000 members from different sectors with trade services in China. 

On China  

  • China’s implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative has brought positive impact towards the trade relations between China and the world, it  attracts investment in sustainable development of supply chains and infrastructure. 

  • Mr. Ewert hopes China can increase policy transparency in order to lower the barriers of foreign investment and eliminate disbelief from investors. 

On Hong Kong  

  • As the logistic center and innovation hub, Hong Kong can make use of the Belt and Road Initiative to attract foreign investors with a transparent and open economy. 

  • Hong Kong has mature network and I&T development to facilitate trade between China and the world under the Belt and Road Initiative. 

On E-commerce (in the print edition) 

  • Mr. Ewert believes the rise of e-commerce can facilitate multi-channel and multi-platform in retail industry. 

  • The change in consumer behavior brought by the overall higher education level in younger generation has redefined the role of physical store in the multi-channel retail era.  


Friday, April 20, 2018
amfori and China
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