Fashion United: amfori to boost gender equality in supply chains in Bangladesh, China and India

Amfori, the global business association for open and sustainable trade, announced last Thursday that it has launched an ambitious programme to empower women in global supply chains, particularly in its three most important sourcing countries China, Bangladesh and India. The latter two will cover the textile and garment sectors, where women represent 70-90 percent of the workforce, but are disproportionately represented at the lowest tiers of the supply chain and are often subject to discrimination and sexual harassment.

“By empowering women, we empower communities and society at large. But this is not just a moral imperative for companies. Working towards eliminating gender-based discrimination, promoting career opportunities and including women in decision-making are all modes of empowerment, which in turn can enhance productivity, make businesses and their supply chains more resilient and bring financial returns,” stated Amfori president

Ewert in a press release.

In particular, the Women’s Empowerment Programme embodies three specific projects in Amfori’s three biggest sourcing countries – China, India and Bangladesh. It aims to ensure that women’s rights are protected and will offer them the training and guidance necessary to advance their careers.

The new programme builds on Amfori’s BSCI Code of Conduct, which is based on the principles of no gender-based discrimination and no precarious employment. Training aims at facilitating a shift in mindset regarding women at work, bringing about tangible behavioural change and policy improvements.

Thursday, September 27, 2018
amfori launches Women's Empowerment Programme
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