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The leading global business association for open and sustainable trade has signed a memorandum for co-operation with the Confederation of Indian Industries, opening new opportunities for local companies

At amfori we believe in a world where all trade delivers social, environmental and economic benefits for everyone. We call this Trade with Purpose. 

Our work enables organisations to enhance human prosperity, use natural resources responsibly and drive open trade globally. All the world’s major challenges require collaborative action to tackle. We believe in the fundamental role that businesses can play to drive positive change, not only in global trade and complex supply chains, but also broader society and the environment. 

amfori brings together over 2,300 retailers, importers, brands and national associations from over 40 countries on four continents. Our members are organisations of all sizes from a diverse range of sectors, representing a combined turnover of more than one and a half trillion euros. 

Founded in 1977, we have grown from a small business association to an internationally recognised enabler with a large network of representatives based across 14 countries, including India. We offer our members a practical framework and world-class tools to manage the social and environmental performance of their supply chains and anticipate trends that can impact their business. We also advocate for progressive policy and collaborate with high-level stakeholders to achieve social, environmental and economic progress.

Our ambition is to leverage our unique position to drive open and sustainable trade, and in doing so contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To do that, we offer three products: amfori BSCI, amfori BEPI and amfori Advocacy. amfori BSCI and amfori BEPI improve social and environmental performance respectively, and amfori Advocacy shapes a policy environment where companies can trade openly and sustainably.

With more than 3,000 Indian producers supplying to our members, India is an important country for amfori. Our work within India includes creating awareness about the requirements and business benefits of sustainable management. We conduct online and face-to-face training for producers on key sustainability topics, like occupational health and safety and responsible recruitment. We also hold regular meetings for members and their representatives in India to exchange experiences and best practice. 

In February 2018, amfori President Christian Ewert was a keynote speaker at the 7th Global Economic Summit on Global Value Chains: Accelerating MSME Growth, Development and Sustainability, organised by the World Trade Centre in Mumbai. In his speech he pointed out that global value chains are a key enabler of sustainability: “The success in meeting the SDGs is all about the power of collaboration, building partnerships and a multi-stakeholder approach. Trade policy is a powerful tool to support SDGs to become a reality.” The panel on national and multi-lateral approaches, which he moderated, concluded that open trade is essential and protectionism is a major threat to both suppliers and buyers in global value chains.

amfori is now preparing to launch a programme to empower women in global supply chains. It will specifically target gender-based violence in the workplace and economic discrimination. India is one of the first countries in which the programme will run.

Becoming a member of amfori can enhance the position of Indian retailers, brands and importers in global supply chains. Membership is also open to national associations. My role as the local representative of amfori is to provide the support that you need.

Natasha Majumdar, amfori Reprsentative in India 

natasha.majumdar@amfori.org www.amfori.org

Saturday, August 25, 2018
amfori means trade with purpose for companies across the world
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