Politico Pro Morning Trade: Bangladesh - government kicks out inspectors, EU companies concerned

EU companies have spoken out against the decision of Bangladesh to shut down an international inspection regime, the Guardian reported. The regime, which aims to enforce minimal fire and occupational safety standards, was set up after the collapse of the Rana Plaza buildings, that killed some 1,134 textile workers in 2013.


amfori, an association of EU retailers and importers, including brands such as H&M and Esprit, on Wednesday sent a joint letter with other industry organizations to Bangladesh, calling on it to “continue and deepen” the inspection regime.

“Less than half of all ACCORD-covered factories have completed the installation of adequate fire detection systems and less than 60% have completed structural retrofitting,” the industry groups said. “We … fear that the safety of Bangladesh [ready made garment] workers could be compromised if an effective structure is not in place.”


Thursday, November 29, 2018
Bangladesh Accord
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