Responsible Purchasing Practices During COVID-19



Governments around the world have taken necessary actions to slow the spread of COVID-19. These actions, combined with the challenges posed by the virus itself, are having a disruptive impact on many businesses and global supply chains.

For many, their primary concern will be to stay afloat. While we understand and strive to support where possible, we also do call upon businesses to do their utmost to maintain Responsible Buying Practices. To support these efforts, we have prepared a guidance for businesses to share and implement.

Although these are challenging times for businesses, we must continue to strive for sustainable supply chains which respect human rights, uphold core labour standards and protect the environment. We must work together and prepare for the future.

It is crucial for businesses to support each other throughout the supply chain in order to observe these values. Think long term in business relations and carefully consider all potential ramifications in the supply chain when taking significant purchasing decisions.

At amfori we continue working hard to provide our members with as many of our services as possible. Consult our dedicated webpage where we regularly post articles and other resources on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on trade and supply chains.

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