UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights Endorses FTA’s Guidance Package on ‘Syrian Refugees Working in Turkey

As highlighted as a good example of a private sector initiative by UN Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons, this Guidance aims to provide support for BSCI participants and producers to help identify, prevent and mitigate abuses and exploitation of Syrian refugees in their supply chains in Turkey.

FTA and ILO Organise Round Table in Bangkok on Labour Conditions in Thailand’s Food and Fisheries Supply Chain

FTA in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Thailand will convene an event in Bangkok to discuss improving labour practices, including migration management, as Thailand endeavours to combat unacceptable forms of work in the Thai food and fisheries supply chain.

Briefing Session: Promotion of Mini Fire Stations in Bangladesh

amfori is working with the German development agency (GIZ) in Bangladesh on a project aimed at improving fire safety and we are currently aiming to secure the project participation of a number of textile and garment producers.

The project aims to promote the concept of Mini Fire Stations among amfori members and producers in order to motivate them to replicate these stations in their industrial clusters.

Wine Festival - conference on sustainability : A certifiable key trend?

Sustainability, certification, territories: after years of more or less successful attempts to affirm one or the other interpretation of the concept of sustainability, the sector is witnessing the establishment of a sort of movement that considers the theme a strategic driver of development. This awareness goes hand in hand with the increasingly precise request for guarantees from the trade.