Recent Events in India and Myanmar Lead to Work Orders Shift to Bangladesh

Recent resurgence of Covid-19 cases in India and the political crisis in Myanmar have prompted export orders to Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s strict handling of the Covid-19 crisis, namely thanks to a nationwide partial transport lockdown and political stability are attracting international retailers and brands during these difficult times.

Spanish Government Supports the 1st Circular Economy Action Plan

The Spanish Government has approved on May 25th the 1st Circular Economy Action Plan (PAEC), with a budget of 1,529 million euros and 116 measures including 8 areas of interest. The measures will be implemented throughout 2021-2023 and will lay the groundwork for a circular and decarbonised circular model.

Bangladesh Celebrates 50 Years of Independence - Dramatic progress over half a century but there is room to improve

On 26 March, Bangladesh celebrated 50 years of independence. Through this period its economic progress has been substantial, particularly in the last two decades which has seen its GDP rise from 53Bn€ to 303Bn€, exports of ready-made garments from 2.6Bn€ to 18Bn€, and its poverty head count drop from 50% to 25%.