Timber Due Diligence Programme

See the wood for the trees – Join the amfori BEPI Timber Due Diligence Programme


Now available to all amfori members who are part of amfori BEPI. Our Timber Due Diligence programme has been designed as a step by step approach to enable businesses to improve their due diligence efforts when it comes to timber sourcing.

Why should I join?

With regulations such as The European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) several requirements are being enforced for businesses that place timber, or timber-based products on the European market.

The EUTR places considerable responsibility on the importer. From wood product verification to diligent record-keeping, buying practices cannot be separated from the EUTR requirements.

It is therefore critical for timber importers and others in their supply chain to maintain an effective due diligence system. Our new programme will help your business:


  • Our experts monitor the latest EUTR requirements for you to be informed if any changes might impact your business


  • Use our online platform to map your supply chain to gain visibility from tier I to Forest level
  • Visualise data collected and easily see where gaps are


  • Access a repository of all compliance documentation
  • Get information on endangered species
  • Access recommendations to mitigate your risks in your value-chain
  • Access risk assessment reports per product analysed


  • Specialised seminars, webinars and workshops regularly available for you and your business partners
  • Dedicated consultant

How can I join?

If you are an amfori BEPI member, you already have access to this tool, simply go to the programme assignment section on the amfori BEPI platform. You can contact us at info@amfori.org if you have any questions or read our FAQs document.

If you are not a part of amfori, visit our become a member section for more information.



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